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A Soap Making Business Plan Must Be Real

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Here's what I mean. You can come up with dozens of ways to sell soap. A soap making business plan could include an almost limitless number of opportunities to move soap. Can a person actually do all that? Especially considering that there is a learning curve to be climbed with every different type of marketing.

Consider this.

Basics Of A Soap Business Plan

To make any money with soap there must be a transaction. There has to be a transfer of product for money or other consideration. This can happen all kinds of ways.

Most of the time there must be some kind of interaction between you, as the soap marketer, and the customer.

Now here's the deal.

Lots of folks want to just jump past all that and just sell wholesale, or sell soap on the Internet, with little thought that this may not be the best way to go when looking at how to start a soap making business.

That's the ticket, just skip all that direct contact like trying to sell soap at farmers markets or selling soap at craft fairs and just make soap and get money. It likely ain't going to happen. I mean you can't even skip out on contacts with people even if you sell on the Internet or sell wholesale.

How in the world can you get somebody to buy soap they never have seen from somebody they don't know and at a premium price at that? Not likely... Not on this planet!!!

Don't Get Me Wrong - How To Sell Soap

You can sell soap on the Internet.

You can sell soap wholesale.

But in neither case can you do that easily and quickly.

Both of those are a lot more likely for somebody that is already established and has a lot of things ironed out, so to speak.

Now really...

You can sell soap at:

  • home parties
  • gift shops
  • craft fairs
  • art shows (not the same as craft fairs)
  • hotels
  • bed and breakfast places
  • spas
  • street festivals
  • health food stores
  • florists
  • farmers markets
  • fund raisers
  • school shows
  • mall kiosks
  • soap shops
  • flea markets
  • mail order
  • conventions
  • wedding gifts
  • eBay
  • personalized gifts
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • online shopping malls
  • your own website(s)
  • trade shows

and so forth.

Some of these have a lot more potential than others...

What's more some are a lot more expensive to get into than others.

Try opening a soap shop in a rented location and see what that costs you...

Soap Making Business Plan Ideas

After, and only after, you are consistently making great soap you do this.

Get what you have in front of some people that might want it and see what happens. Actually you must sell it. Let's face it. Soap is everywhere and you can buy some of it at quite a low price.

If somebody buys it, then you have a start.

Don't get too excited though since now you have to make more. In addition, you must also actually make money with that transaction or you won't get to continue doing it long-term. Then too, it takes time to figure out what is the best selling natural soap. Some of these events are a great way to get going.

Here's the point also.

Getting sales of soap is a big deal because soap gets used up. Satisfied customers will buy more.

Get customers in some way and if you do your job, making good products, they will buy more with little marketing effort on your part.

Soap Making Business Plan Basics

Now look at the list above.

Add more ideas to the list. See our complete plan including the easiest ways to sell soap. The plan is called the SoapBizKit and you can see the details right here. Click here.

Which of those ways offer a soap marketer the chance to sell a lot of soap in a hurry to people who might buy more?

That's where you get a start. And it's just a start because of the repeat sales.

Now in time you can sell gobs of soap wholesale. You can figure out what the best selling soap is and sell soap online as well.

But to get going there are far easier ways of selling homemade soap than those are.

Now some folks will limit what they will do which is fine. But it takes selling of some kind to move your products in any kind of volume. And a strong soap making business plan can show what needs to happen. Pick the easier ways to success, and you have a better chance at making money with your craft, and with a soap making business in particular.

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