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Selling Soap At Craft Fairs - 17 Tips

It's true that selling soap at craft fairs is a great way to get new customers. Even if you thing you want to mostly market in some other way, using events like craft fairs as one of your soap marketing channels to sell soap makes a whole lot of sense.

Besides, getting out and talking to people can be a lot of fun! At least it's a break from making soap all the time.

Here are some ideas to get better results as a soap marketer at craft fairs.

1. Unique Products. How is your product "different?" Tell your story. You do have a story that will appeal to shoppers. Selling soap is easier when you can explain why yours is better!

2. Your Story. What do you use to tell the story of your products. Picture album. Picture collage. Scrapbook. Newspaper article. Portfolio. SnapFish books! Use signs to explain what you have.

3. Setting Prices. Count your costs. But also look at competition. Is yours worth more? Quality. Uniqueness. Ask more if it's worth more. Test prices. Can you have different price points? Something for everyone, in other words. Different price ranges from cheap to quite expensive.

4. The Best Shows. Spend time planning where you go. Get good information on the best shows. Some experience will help you make good choices.

5. Shelter. What kind of weather? What season? Several types of tents. Heaviest EZ-Up is very good. If rain or wind, prepare with weights.

6. Marketing Materials. Written words to help contacts remember. Brochures, catalogs, business cards, a logo. Samples. Something to take home. A way to find your website. Maybe a large banner at outside shows. It's not just a sale at the craft fair that you want. It's the repeat orders that can really add up over time.

7. Display. Your display can help you sell or hinder sales. Design it carefully as you do your craft. Make it easy to move too.

8. Inventory. Oh the ache of running out! Have plenty and a good variety. You can only guess what they'll want. Have containers for storage, especially if you're outside, to protect from weather. Don't lose anything to weather.

9. Money. Have change for the guy with the hundred dollar bill early in the day. Be very careful with cash boxes. Better to keep most cash on your person.

10. Credit Cards. Not at first, but maybe later. Buyers expect you to take cards. Manual "swiper" is OK, but no on-site verification. Wireless verification best.

11. Follow-Up. Huge advantage of craft shows is follow-up business. Can you capture names? Guest book? Point them to a website. Big trick: follow-up sales can be more important than show sales.

12. Snacks. Don't forget the food. Bring regular food from home. Must keep energy level up, but not too much sugar or you'll be sick. Right? Vitamin C? Aspirin? Use all your tricks to stay healthy and feeling tops.

13. High Stool. Don't get too comfortable. No naps on the job now! Consider a tall stool or chair as it makes it easy to get up and down. Maintain eye-level with customers. Talk to everyone. Listen too.

14. Transportation. Not just to the site, but carts or wagon to ferry to the exact spot maybe. Big wheels roll better on rough ground.

15. Travel. Your craft may determine your vehicle. But planning may let you use what you have. Bring what you need to be comfortable so you can sell. Don't drive when exhausted.

16. Demonstration / Themes. Be an entertainer. Costumes can attract attention and bring more lookers. Show your product in various stages of completion.

17. Smile. Meeting and talking with interested and interesting folks is enjoyable. Remember you're in the entertainment business as well as the craft-business.

There are a number of different ways to sell a lot of your handmade soap.

Certainly selling soap at craft fairs is just one of the ways. It's a good one though. In just a short time you can get your fine products in front of a lot of people, and some of them will most likely buy from you. If you want to start a soap making business from home, the craft show route has much appeal.

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