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Why You Must Have A Soap Catalog

No matter where you sell your products consider a soap business catalog! Why's that you ask! How does a catalog fit into a soap making business plan?

Here's why! The hardest thing a business does is get a new customer. Finding new customers takes lots of time, energy and money. That's true even for a tiny little home-based soap marketing business. But once you have a customer, they can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A customer is worth way more than what you get on one sale. After all, handmade soap is a consumable product.

A Handmade Soap Business Catalog?

How's that? Do some thinking about follow-up sales. Soap is like an annuity. Soap sales could generate cash for years to the same person. If you truly build a superior product, many people will reorder and reorder, just like clockwork. You simply must give these people an easy way to order, that's your catalog. Now catalogs cost money so you don't give them to just anyone, but for sure your customers get a catalog.

Soap Business Catalog

Also remember that when selling soap at craft fairs you usually can only sell items that you crafted yourself. Sales from your home through your catalog though can contain anything you can find to put in the pages. Can you think of anything that soap purchasers might like besides soap? Hah! You can, can't you. In the catalog they go.

A Soap Business Plan - Follow-up Sales

Periodically mail out that catalog to your customer list and wonder of wonders, some of them will send checks right back to you.

You simply must follow up with your customers. They want you to.

Seems to me that a part of any soap making business plan just must be a simple catalog. You can make a great catalog with Microsoft Publisher or just use any old word processing software. Write it out with a pencil and copy it (very 60ish). Whatever you have to do, but get a catalog.

Certainly a web site is a marketing tool, but it does not take the place of a simple soap business catalog. After all, some people really don't spend a lot of time on the Internet anyway. On top of that, learning how to sell soap online may be a whole lot bigger task than you may think...

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