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How To Start A Soap Business - Tips

You may wonder how to start a soap business...

You realize it's possible to build a monster business from soap and related items.

Badger Balm is an example of huge success with a simple product.

I can make products just about like most of what Burt's Bees markets.

It's not very hard. As I recall, Burt started out with just his simple handcrafted products, and then sold out, probably for megabucks, years ago. The products are not that difficult.

How To Start A Soap Business

"Not that difficult" is relative though. I've used very little handcrafted soap that I thought was really superior. You must really apply yourself to mastering the craft of soap making and then you can work on the process of selling handmade soap.

That's why the material I offer has value, in my opinion, from a soap making view. There are quite a few tricks that it's hard to pick up. Plus it's essential to learn to design your own products.

Then once you have the soap making down, and it doesn't take that long, then you can market.

It's true that making and selling soap is not a lot different than dealing with most any other product.

There are basic principles that work. It's complex and there are all kinds of ways to go about it.

As you might suggest, it's obvious one can make a lot of money with soap and related products. But it takes time to grow. My suggestion is to start small. Throwing money at it won't help. How can you make a little money and then how can you scale that up? That's the right approach I think.

Maybe you make a few thousand bars of soap and are sick of making soap!!!!

Or maybe you like it as a part-time venture, but cringe at the idea of working full time turning out soap. So try it small and go from there, with some general ideas about how you might ramp up if you want to.


Soap Business Ideas

Maine. Think about all the ways you could make unique products. What goes with Maine? Make products that just shout out New England and the north woods... or the ocean... or whatever.

Where to sell it? Regional festivals... Tourism spots... LL Bean??? The Vermont Country store???

The Internet??? Not a good place to start! I can build websites easily, but how do you get traffic? Not easy. You are lost in a sea of people trying to sell soap and get rich.

Here's the deal. Develop a local market whether it's at craft shows, farmers markets or whatever and follow up with your customers. That's the beauty of the website. It's a way to sell to your customer list.

Just a few craft shows over a few months could net you customers that will buy more than you sold at the shows, all from home and all with no travel.

Building a small, profitable natural soap business is simple, but not exactly easy. That's why most people quit quickly... It's like work... Yikes!

So, build a superior product. Offer customers unique value.

Market it with your unique Maine twist. Develop a brand...

Offer your products somewhere you can move a lot of product fast... like a festival.

How To Start A Soap Business Fast

Have soap marketing materials ready so you can follow up with buyers -- most important!! That's brochures and catalogs and then a website.

Follow up with happy customers. Offer them more stuff... That's balms, balsam wreaths, maple syrup or whatever... Virtually anything. Then you're building a business.

Then repeat and do more...

A website is not the answer. It's just a tool and a great distraction if you're not careful.

Random thoughts for you.

You're off to a good start. Make soap and tweak recipes. Give it as gifts. See what people like. Make more. Set some deadlines. Make some plans. Go for it. That's how to start a soap business at home, at least one way, and you may be amazed at how fast progress.

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