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Once you master the skill of making quality soap, how is the best way to make money selling soap? You have many options for soap business marketing, but, in my opinion, there is one best place to start. That best place is a craft show. Certainly artisan soap is one of the obvious crafts you can make and sell. And likely many soap business success stories started with some simple local marketing.

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Here's why. Craft shows are held just about everywhere. Shows come in all types and sizes. You have the little neighborhood shows at schools attracting a few crafters and a few hundred shoppers. Then you have gigantic shows with national reputations attracting over 100,000 visitors in a weekend, with hundreds of vendors paying hundreds of dollars to be there. So there really is something for every person.

The larger regional shows may be the best chance to really make some big money, but you don't want to start there. First, it's too hard to get in and also you wouldn't have enough stock to handle the potential sales anyway.

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What you want to do is start small and learn how to do everything related to your business and then you grow from there.

The great thing about craft shows is you can see a lot of potential customers in a short period of time. That's an efficient way to turn a pile of product into a wad of cash and that's the objective.

Then, here's the trick. If you do it right, the craft show customers are your ticket to follow-up sales. With a simple brochure and catalog you can build a mail order and phone business and sell your products without ever leaving home.

A customer list is just sitting there waiting for you to mail them a catalog highlighting your new offers. They WILL order and you WILL make profits, all from home. If you ever see a soap business for sale you want to know if they have a mailing list. It's potentially gold...

That's why if you wonder how to start with soap business marketing, then one of the easy ways to get going is at a craft show. If you wonder about how to start a soap business, then at least consider starting as many others have... Start with local markets... Branch out from there and market in dozens of other ways too.

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