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How To Make Money Selling Soap

Learning how to make money selling soap is about a lot more than just making nice soap. It takes some basics steps, none of which are very hard.

The following is in response to two questions. One was about how lucrative the organic soap making business is and the other was about how much somebody could expect to make selling soap... Here goes...

Selling Soap

Whether you can make a handmade soap money-making-plan lucrative depends on whether you can sell in volume, and whether you can make a quality product at a reasonable cost. Selling organic products sounds like a great idea.

Consider this...

I just did a cost calculation on current prices to make lavender soap using normal oils, not organic, and using essential oils for scent.

What I get is a cost of about $1.10 for a bar of soap. That is buying in 50 pound batches of the soap oils and 16 ounce bottles of essential oils.

By the way, well over half that cost is the scent oil, the lavender essential oil.

Now I happen to know that the going rate around here for soap at craft fairs is between $5 and $6 per bar.

So these folks selling soap at those rates are getting a gross profit of about $4 per bar.

It could be with some smart buying you could sell "organic" soap at the same price as the competition sells regular soap, and therein lies a huge potential advantage...

At my better shows, I have sold about 500 bars in a weekend.

More typical is to sell 300 bars in a weekend.

I talked to a crafter a few weeks ago.

He said his wife and daughter sell 15,000 bars of soap in a year.


Soap Business Profits

My recommended way to start a soap making business is to find craft events and start there.

Follow up with customers with a brochure you give them, and then send a bigger catalog to those that reorder.

From time to time you can mail a catalog to your list you will build, and a great percentage will reorder.

Then you can use a website for another way to keep in touch with customers.

There are many ways to make soap and turn it into a business. I just happen to believe there is no better way to get started with a natural soap business than getting in front of a lot of people.

Trying to sell soap just on the Internet is tough. There is much competition and some are selling soap really cheap.

Lots of folks want to sell soap.

You need an edge. You need something unique.

The Edge For Selling Soap

Organic could be it. Outstanding colors could be it. The SoapDeliNews shows you how to do that... A unique ingredient could be it. Weird shapes might work as well. But, in any case, what will make people come back to you and buy in volume is soap that really is a joy to use and is indeed exceptionally good.

That's what I think we came up with, and that's what it takes to really get going.

Now I don't know what anybody will do when it comes to selling soap.

It does have to be sold and marketed.

People have such different backgrounds and desires and just plain old drive and work ethic that it is hard to guess whether anybody will make a go of making money with soap.

People are making money with soap, some probably a lot of money.

I've made quite a bit of money with soap.

What I know about doing it is mostly in my material. I haven't purposefully left anything out.

If you're like me, you really don't want to do any more work than necessary to get what you're after.

What I have for sale is a shortcut to a soap business but making a business go, any kind of venture, takes determination and just dogged persistence.

I hope this helps some.

It may not sound all that encouraging but the homemade soap business is no walk in the park, but it can be a money maker. The start-up costs are so low that it's easy to get going and then can be grown at whatever rate somebody wants to go. Learning how to make soap and learning how to make money selling soap are two entirely different subjects.

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