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What Are The Best Selling Soap Scents?

Without a doubt the best selling soap scents will vary with location and other things. There will be a lot of variation in how soap makers construct a soap, and thus the soap will smell different. Here are a few ideas.

Read on for tips for finding the real best sellers...

best soap scents

It is mighty tempting to just go with the herbal smells and the so-called natural fragrances. That way you can market the soap as free from a lot of what might be in the fragrances. After all, you really don't know what is in any fragrance. Perfumery is top secret anyhow.

Our best selling scent is a blend of vanilla and almond fragrance oils. That smell is the smell of Dr Pepper, as well as the smell of Jergen's lotion. Vanilla fragrance oil turns soap brown too, which is sort of different.

The fact is though, that in many cases the more natural scents really don't smell like what people think they should. Lavender essential oil is not flowery at all, like lavender fragrances often are. It's a strong herbal scent, to be sure. So somebody expecting a flowery smell from lavender will be taken back a bit. And so it goes for many other smells.

Popular Scent Challenges

In addition, if you make cold process soap then many of the popular smells will fade right away as the lye works. Forget most citrus smells for cold process soap. You can get such smells in melt and pour soap, but not in cold process. That's reason enough to possibly include some melt and pour soap in a line-up, just for certain scents.

But What Scents Sell The Best?

Here's one thing to do.

Do a search on the web for most popular soap smells. You'll get some lists. You might be surprised. Just type into the search bar: "most popular soap smells".

Do a search for the "google keyword planner" and perform a search for "natural soap" and you start to get an idea of what particular soap scents people search for by name. It may surprise you. You'll see lavender, oatmeal, patchouli, lemongrass and others.

Look too at some quality fragrance suppliers. They give you some real hints... Look at SweetCakes.

Then again if you come up with your own blends, what you come up with may totally outsell anything that is commonly searched for.

How would they know to search for it if you invented it?

My best seller was a made-up blend.

I never saw anybody else that had it.

It sold because of how it smelled, not because of what it was called.

Though it was not such a surprise, when you think that it was a blend of two of the all time favorite fragrances, as I already mentioned.

So the scents to have may be based on
  • universally popular smells,
  • popular smells that are really liked by a few folks,
  • unique blends,
  • unusual smells,
  • aromatherapy blends and more...

The best selling soap scents vary from place to place, but most people like many of the same smells. The more kinds of smells you carry in soap, the better chance you have of having what a person would prefer.

I list in my SoapBizKit all the soap scents I have sold, and how many of each have been sold.

Those lists on your favorite forum of best sellers are probably worthless...

Because you can't make it like they do!

And they may not be telling you the whole story!

If you're trying to sell on the InterWebs, shoppers can't smell it...

In that case they buy from pictures or from reading words.

Can you paint a word picture to evoke the emotion of scent?

Let's say it another way...

Can you describe the smell of a soap to one who can't smell it?

Can you do it so well that they will enter an order for it and give you their credit card number?

Tricky, huh?

So there you have some tips.

  • You know some best sellers based on what people search for.

  • You know where to get best sellers from the fragrance companies.

  • You know the types of scents that sell over and over.

Just a few scents are the ones that really are the big sellers. Part of learning to start a business from home is getting the right information to get you going faster by skipping some of the steps.

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