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Most Popular Soap Scents

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One way to determine the most popular soap scents is to look at what people search for in Google. You can do that within the Google Keyword Planner tool. I have related software, MicroNicheFinder, so I'll just look at it and see what happens.

Now, by the way, I have actually data on what sells based on thousands of bars of soap sold. You can find what really sells for me.

In fact, 7 of my top 10 sellers were fragrance oil scents. The others were essential oil scents. Those are the ones that are naturally derived. It would seem that folks would go for those. Maybe in some places, but not everywhere. Maybe for the same reason that people still eat a lot of junk food, people still go for junk scents as well. Alas. Let's look at the essential oils on Google and see what people search for to get some ideas.

My search shows that these are the top 5 herbal soap varieties, in terms of search volume, based on my short study:

  • lavender
  • sandalwood
  • tea tree
  • lemon
  • lemongrass

Many more people search for castile soap and African black soap, just for your info.

Let's say you had a peach fragrance soap. Nearly nobody would search for that by name. Though given the chance to sniff it, many would. That's a fact.

The point is... people can't ask for something or search for something they know nothing about. If presented with a choice though, something unknown might have much appeal.

Smell is a funny thing. The most popular soap scents are many times not what you might think. It's tough to guess. Some research reveals what people look for though. Everybody's sniffer is unique too. Most people like certain scents. But there seem to be exceptions to just about every rule when it comes to smelling. Remember, to check out the SoapBizKit.

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