sell soap at craft fairs

Selling Soap - Craft Fair Tips

One of the most obvious ways to get going with a natural soap making venture is selling soap at craft fairs. But is this really worth doing and how do you get started?

selling soap at craft fairs

If you aren't familiar with how this works it may sound a little strange. After all it's called a "show" so how do you make money at it? Well it may be a show for the people walking around and looking, but it's about selling soap for a soapmaker. Let there be no doubt about that. When you get involved in craft shows you are part of a really monster industry.

These events are a way for the organizers to make money and a way for "shoppers" to see interesting things and a way for exhibitors to sell and more...

The "more" part may not be so obvious. But as a crafter you can make contacts at craft events that can lead to sales not just at the events. See, with a product like soap that gets consumed you can find people interested in soap that might buy products for years. It's not just what you can sell at an event that makes this worth doing. It's the on-going income stream that can be had.

And the beauty of the craft type events is that you can get a whole lot of potential customers filing by your display in a relatively short period of time. That makes this a possibly fast way to move a lot of products. Contrast that with going around to lots of retail locations trying to find somebody to buy soap. That can be a strain.

So the events for crafts can be a great method of selling soap.

Different Types Of Craft Events

But there are all sorts of craft events. What you may try to start with is some local events that might be fund raisers for a school or some such thing. That can really work out well for you. But there's more...

Nationally recognized events can attract many thousands of potential customers in a single weekend. Get in one of those and the results can be overwhelming.

Simple getting in many of the events is quite the challenge though. That's true because these events likely already have plenty of whatever you are offering. In other words the crafts that you are prepared to offer are already offered by folks that are accepted as vendors and they just keep coming back year after year.

They are in and you are out.

That makes it tough to break in.


Putting A Twist On Handmade Soap

Sometimes if you offer a different twist and something interesting you still might have a chance. That means you must offer a real difference and must tell your story in a convincing way.

That story must often be told both in words and pictures as the application for the better shows requires both words and pictures.

So getting in the higher potential shows is not so simple but it can be done.

As suggested too, the real advantage of some of these events is more about how you follow up with customers and not so much how much you move at the event. It's the follow-up where you get the best results and those kinds of sales are way easier to get than any other sort of sales.

So selling soap at craft fairs is a great way to get started with marketing and a way to build a business as well as a way to generate some interest really quickly. Click here to check out the SoapBizKit...

sell handmade soap

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