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Can You Make Money With Soap?

Based on my experience the answer is...yes! Many people make a good part-time income making and selling soap and a few have made a fortune. Quite a few are somewhere in between. But it isn't so easy! The answer to the question can you make money with soap easily is "No." If you are a hobby soap maker, you must start thinking like a business person to improve your chances of making money.

can you make money with soap

First, your sales volume must be large enough to generate your profit goals. And you really should have some goals. There are many ways to sell soap. My favorite way is to use craft fairs. You can sell consignment through gift shops, wholesale to retail stores, sell through an Internet store or many other ways. Click here for a soap making business plan that will work...

Costs are the other side of the profit picture. One huge plus of a soap business, like a lot of craft businesses, is the low initial investment required. It costs nearly nothing to get started. There's really no reason to look for a handmade soap making business for sale.

We made and sold 29,000 bars of soap part-time in about four years. Our equipment cost less than $300 total. So it's easy to get started. You just need molds, pans, a thermometer, spoons and a scale. If you're already making soap as a hobby, you probably have what you need already.

The cost of each bar of soap depends on the ingredients. The main ingredients are the base oils which turn to soap and the scent oils. Sodium hydroxide is used to make the reaction occur.

Ingredient prices vary widely. With wise buying, you should be able to make a nice scented bar of soap for less than $1.00 US, maybe even down toward $0.50. Of course, if you choose exotic oils, the price can be much higher.

What Can You Get For Good Soap?

The price you receive will depend on your market and your product. But it will also depend on your ability as a marketer. What separates your product from the competition? Is it a niche product? What about packaging? So your entire marketing approach will be important.

If you can sell a bar of soap for $4.00 with a cost of $1.00, you can potentially make some profit. If the price was $6.00, you have an even better chance. But it may be quite a challenge to get those premium prices. Some get even more however. Sometimes a lot more...

Just for an example, at better craft shows we regularly sold about 400 bars of soap, plus other related items. And that doesn't count follow-up sales... a future topic.

If you are an effective marketer, learn how to sell handmade soap and you can control costs, there is profit to be made selling your products. It's very possible to make an excellent wage for your time after an initial learning period.

sell handmade soap

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