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How To Sell Soap At A Craft Fair - 5 Tips

One of the first ways that many people think about selling soap is the craft fair. Learning how to sell soap at a craft fair takes some experience as well as some special knowledge. Note that their are all sorts of other events that work much like craft fairs but are not really craft fairs. Farmers markets are a clear example. But the same principles that apply to craft fairs apply to all sorts of other events too.

Following are 5 tips for better success at selling soap at events including craft fairs.

Make Soap That Is Different

You have likely noticed that handmade soap shows up all over the place. It's likely if you get into some event as an exhibitor, others will have soap there too. So the question is: why would anybody buy what you have? That is a good question and requires some planning on your part. If you truly offer nothing special, then you likely will have little success.

Maybe your magnetic personality will sell soap for you. Sadly I could never count on that to sell soap. I always had to offer something that looked a bit different and seemed to offer something special.

How can you do that very thing? How can your soap really differ from what somebody else offers? That's what you have to look at to make it easier to sell your soap. Handmade soap is too readily available to make generic handmade soap an easy sell. Think of a way to make yours different.

Tell Your Soap Making Story

Certainly how you make your soap might make it different. Realize that virtually no soap makers present a story about how they make the soap. Just do that, and you could have an advantage. Is there something about how you make soap that would set it apart? If there is, then communicate that, and you have another advantage, beyond the actual differences in the product itself. Tell your story and build your brand and sell more soap!

It takes some thought to tell a story, but that thought and work can sell a lot of soap!

selling soap at craft fairs

Add On Items Add Up

Is a soap business profitable?

That depends on a number of factors. One factor that determines the money-making potential of a soap venture is the other products you can add on to your soap offering. People interested in soap often buy other things as well. Get those other things, and raise the amount of the average purchase, and that can make all the difference. Make items to add on or just buy them, and you can make more profit with little or no extra work. As long as you get set up to sell somewhere, why not sell more items and make more money?

Look At Retail Stores For Hints

Merchandising of goods is certainly a highly refined skill. Few crafters are expert in design and building of displays. However, if you pay attention to how retail establishments lay out displays, you will get some ideas. For example, watching mall kiosk designs will give you some ideas about laying out your craft booth. Suffice it to say that you rarely if ever see a retail display that looks much like a typical craft show booth layout. Look to retail stores for better ideas to put together craft show displays.

Will Your Customers Buy More?

What if you actually make some sales at a craft fair? What else should happen? My observations is that most crafters are just out to sell some product while the show is in effect, and then they are on to something else. Not me. Soap melts and disappears down the drain. People who buy soap at a craft fair are your friends. They will buy more, if they have a chance, and know how. One of my main tasks is to make it easy for people to BUY MORE! It's easy to do if you know how!

Nobody is born knowing how to sell soap at a craft fair. This knowledge is an acquired knowledge and a learned skill. Study on this some, and you will find several ways to sell more soap, without a lot more effort and expense.

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