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About This Site And The SoapBizKit

Since 1999 Al and Kathleen Bullington have been fully engaged in various craft and rural living ventures.

That means we have years of full-time experience making things and trying to sell them. That means years of trying and failing, and trying again. And sometimes things work out.

We're about making a living from home.

The SoapBizKit is our story of how we went from nothing to a quite successful soap making and marketing venture in just a short time. What you get is a step-by-step manual of what we did and how it went.

Kathy is a former corporate accounting manager and Al has been a college instructor, CPA, and automotive engineer.

But for years now Al and Kathy have been small scale farmers, crafters and writers, while homeschooling their now grown and nearly grown children.

What we really like to do is to help others and try to be good neighbors in the broad sense of the term.

Al did the writing on the material.

We are now working on another business venture using the same concepts described with the SoapBizKit. One of our sons is a custom knife maker. His site is about custom hunting knives and the marketing of what he does is done just about like what is described in the materials on this site. It works for more than soap.

We like soap and soap making. We like even more working from home, and freedom and liberty.

We're out there hitting it every day.

sell handmade soap

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